Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley is one of thetop tourist destinations in Bangladesh. This spot is situated in the Sajek union of Rangamati District. It is named after the name of Sajek River which differentiates Bangladesh and India. Sajek valleyis almost 2000 feet above sea level and 80 km away from the Khagrachari town. It is the place where the green, Scenicbeauty of hills, wilderness, playing with clouds will surely fill your mind withjoy. Therefore, the natural beauty of Sajek valley attracts tourists. Every daythousands of people visit Sajek Valley to enjoy the beauty of nature. There is no word that describes the beauty of Sajek Valley.The Dense forest, mountains, grasslands, hilly areas have created an undefinedbeauty. When you are in the top picks Sajek Valley, you will see the clouds areflying near you. You can touch it! Eventually, if you want to see the beauty ofnature, heavenly beauty on earth you have to visit Sajek Valley.

Cox's Bazar

Cox's Bazar, the longest sand in the world, stands out with its natural beauty. It attracts a large number of excursionists every time due to its ancient heritage and scenic spots around the 120 km long sand. The real first name of Cox's Bazar is "Palongkee". The modern Cox's Bazar derives its name from Captain Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company, a Superintendent of Palongkee outpost. To commemorate his role in refugee rehabilitation work, a market was established and named after him. The Cox's Bazar is restricted on the north by Chittagong, on the east by the Bandarban Hill District and Myanmar, and on the west and south by the Bay of Bengal. Cox’s Bazar is a popular tourist resort, connected by road, rail, and air with Chittagong. Major industries in addition to tourism include fish processing, salt production, ice making, printing, and the milling of rice, flour, and wood. Garment production and weaving, woodworking, and metalworking are prominent cottage industries.

Nilgiri Hill Bandarban

Nilgiri Bandarban is one of the most fabulous places in our country. The Nilgiri Tourist Center is situated on the hilltop of Bandarban-Thanchi road, about 52 kilometers southeast of Bandarban district headquarters. This tourist center is located at the height of about 2,000 feet from sea level. It is also known as Darjeeling of Bangladesh as it can quickly reach the clouds from this place. From Nilgiri Bandarban everywhere is green and green. Nilgiri Tourism Spot is managed by the army of Bandarban 69 army infantry region. There are also well lodging and food arrangements. Cottages made at the Nilgiri Tourist Spots are also kind of interesting to see. Just around mountains and hills. Where the two eyes go only green and green. It is a different feeling. The beautiful greenery and loneliness of the surroundings are some of the attractions of Nilgiri. The surrounding scenes are stunning on the way. Nilagiri is a unique gift of nature. From the peak of Nilgiri, the country's second-highest mountain, Keokarodong, natural wonders Boga Lake, Cox's Bazar sea beach, lighted lamps of Chittagong Sea Port, and the sight of the hills are amazing.


Mohamaya Lake is known as one of the most famous Artificial beauty of Bangladesh located in Chittagong. At a distance of 2 Kilometers from the Thakurdighi Bazar of the Durgapur Union in Mirsorai, with an area of 11 Square Kilometers, the Mohamaya Lake stands. Mohamaya Lake is known as one of the most famous Artificial beauty of Bangladesh located in Chittagong. At a distance of 2 Kilometers from the Thakurdighi Bazar of the Durgapur Union in Mirsorai, with an area of 11 Square Kilometers, the Mohamaya Lake stands. Apart from the crystal water of the lake, this place contains a Cave among hills, some natural fountains, and some Rubber dyaama. Besides roaming around the entire lake with a boat, you can also get refreshed with a light shower on the amazing natural fountains of the place. Mohamaya lake has the facilities for very exciting Kayaking and making a tent to stayover the entire night. With the instructions of the Bangladesh Water Development Board, a part of the water of Mohamaya lake is used for irrigation of the nearby areas.

Khaoiyachora Waterfall

Khoiyachora Waterfall is a hilly waterfall which is situated on the hills of Mirsharai, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Among many other waterfalls in Mirsarai upazila, such as Komoldoho Waterfall, Napittachora Waterfall, Napittachora Waterfall, Sahasradhara Waterfall, Jharjhari Waterfall etc., Khoiyachora waterfall and its corridor is one of the largest in this hilly belt. It is believed that the Khoiyachora Waterfalls, which is flowing almost 50 years ago. It took time to discover its location for massless mountain areas and bushes. Again, many people think that this fountain was created due to hilly diversions almost 50 years ago, before that there was no waterfall. In 2010, the Government has been included in the Khoiyachora Waterfall National Park, after declaring 293.61 hectares of the block of Kunda Hat block in the Baraiyadhala Block National Park. The Khoiyachora waterfall has a total of seven major waterfalls and many isolated steps. Since the location of the fountain is in Khoiyachora union of Mirsarai Upazila, the waterfall has been named "Khoiyachora Waterfall".