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Accepted Papers List Of MIET 2022

Paper Id Paper Title
302 Deep Learning Approaches to Predict Future Frames in Videos
304 Multi-Path Communication for Cloud Security
310 Performance Analysis of ASUS Tinker and MobileNetV2 in Face Mask Detection on Different Datasets
311 Bangla to Engilish Translation using Sequence to Sequence Learning model based Recurrent Neural Networks
312 Bengali Fake News Detection: Transfer Learning Based Technique with Masked LM Process by BERT
313 Diagnosis and Classification of Fetal Health Based on CTG Data Using Machine Learning Techniques
318 Machine Learning Algorithms on COVID-19 Prediction Using CpG Island and AT-CG Feature on Human Genomic Data
320 An Analysis of Islamic Inheritance System Under Object-Oriented Paradigm
324 VADER vs. BERT: Which One is Better for Sentiment Analysis on Coronavirus Outbreak?
326 A Review on Heart Diseases Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence
327 Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis of COVID-19 Tweets Using Blending Ensemble of Deep Learning Models
328 Human Emotion Recognition from Facial Images using Convolutional Neural Network
333 Classification Of Tumor Cell Using a Naive Convolutional Neural Network Model
334 Blockchain based services in Education: A Bibliometric Analysis
342 Readyness Towards Industry 4.0 of Selected Industrial Sector
345 Tumor-TL: A Transfer Learning Approach for Classifying Brain Tumors from MRI Images
354 Potato-Net: Classifying Potato Leaf Diseases Using Transfer Learning Approach
371 Can Transformer models effectively detect Software Aspects in StackOverflow discussion?
374 Bangla Spelling Error Detection and Correction Using N-gram Model
375 Sentiment Analysis of Public on Social Media about Covid-19 Origin theory using Machine Learning
381 Bornomala: A Deep Learning-Based Bangla Image Captioning Technique
382 Statistical and Bioinformatics Model to Identify the Influential Genes and Comorbidities of Glioblastoma
385 Emotion Recognition from Brain Wave using Multitask Machine Learning Leveraging Residual Connections
387 A Machine Learning-based System to Recommend Appropriate Military Training Program for a Soldier
388 Integrated Music Recommendation System using Collaborative Content Based Filtering, and Sentiment Analysis
389 Traffic Sign Detection & Recognition using Deep Learning Approach
393 An Approach Towards Minimizing Covid-19 Situation Using Android App and Drone-Based Technology
395 An empirical studies on how the developers discussed about pandas topics
396 DROM: Read Only Memory Storage in DNA Computing
402 Programmable Logic Array in Quantum Computing
404 End-to-End Bangla Scene Text Editing System Development Using Deep Learning
410 False Smut Disease Detection in Paddy using Convolutional Neural Network
422 Covid-19 Vaccine Sentiment Detection and Analysis Using Machine Learning Technique and NLP
424 QPROM: Quantum Nanotechnology for Data Storage Using Programmable Read Only Memory
426 A Hybrid Watermarking Technique Based on LH-HL Subbands of DWT and SVD
431 Predicting the Risk of COVID-19 Infection Using Lifestyle Data
432 A Novel MIMO Antenna for 6G Applications
433 Sentiment Analysis of Tweets on Covid Vaccine (Pfizer): A Boosting-based Machine Learning Solution
434 Design and implementation of a drowsiness detection system up to extended head angle using FaceMesh machine learning solution
435 Analysis of Hand Movement from Surface EMG Signals Using Artificial Neural Network
436 A Clustering Based Niching Method for Effectively Solving the 0-1 Knapsack Problem
437 Matching Job Circular With Resume Using Different Natural Language Processing Based Algorithms
438 Segmented-Truncated-SVD for Effective Feature Extraction in Hyperspectral Image Classification
441 Gabor Wavelet based Fused Texture Features for Identification of Mungbean Leaf Diseases
443 Potato Disease Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network: A Web Based Solution
444 Diabetes Mellitus prediction using Transfer Learning
453 Prevalence of Stroke in Rural Bangladesh: A Population Based Study
456 Assessing the Risks of COVID-19 on the Health Conditions of Alzheimers Patients Using Machine Learning Techniques
457 An Improved Heart Disease Prediction Using Stacked Ensemble Method
458 Effective Feature extraction via Folded-Sparse-PCA for Hyperspectral Image classification
462 Assorted, Archetypal and Annotated Two Million (3A2M) Cooking Recipes Dataset based on Active Learning
464 Analytical Modeling of Multi-Junction Solar Cell Using SiSn Alloy
465 Cyber-Attack Detection through Ensemble-based Machine Learning Classifier
466 Segmented-Incremental-PCA for Hyperspectral Image Classification
467 SpectralSpatial Feature Reduction for Hyperspectral Image Classification
471 Lung Cancer Detection from Histopathological Images using Deep Learning
474 Modification of Link Speed Estimation Model for IEEE 802.11ac WLANs by Considering Shadowing Effect
477 Fuzziness based Semi-supervised Deep Learning for Multimodal Image Classification
482 A Reliable and Efficient Transfer Learning Approach for Identifying COVID-19 Pneumonia from Chest X- ray
484 An efficient ensemble spyware detection model using Hyper-parameter tuned tree based classifiers
488 Transformer-based Text Clustering for Newspaper Articles
490 Design and Fabrication of a Low-Cost Customizable Modern CNC Laser Cutter
491 IoT Based Framework for Remote Patient Monitoring
492 Hole Transport Layer Free non-Toxic Perovskite Solar cell Using ZnSe Electron Transport Material
494 Brain Tumor Detection Using Deep Network EfficientNet-B0
495 EEG based ASD detection using Hjorth parameters and Neural Network
502 A Novel Bangla Spoken Numerals Recognition System using Convolutional Neural Network
503 Machine Learning Approaches To Predict Movie Success
507 Electromagnetic Absorption Analysis of 5G Wireless Devices for Different Electromagnetic Shielding Techniques
508 Structure of Global Financial Networks before and during COVID-19 Based on Mutual Information
509 Employee Attrition Analysis Using CatBoost
510 The Impact of Data Locality on the Performance of Cluster-Based Under-Sampling
511 A novel ADI based MOR of discrete-time index 2 control systems
513 PreCKD_ML: Machine Learning Based Development of Prediction Model for Chronic Kidney Disease and Identify Significant Risk Factors
514 Cancer Diseases Diagnosis Using Deep Transfer Learning Architectures
518 An RNN Based Approach to Predict Next Word in Bangla Language
519 Device-friendly Guava fruit and leaf disease detection using deep learning
521 Protein Folding Optimization with Butterfly Optimization Algorithm
524 . A combination of HandCrafted Features and Deep features to Detect and Recognize Zebra Crossing
525 Deep Convolutional Comparison Architecture for Breast Cancer Binary Classification
526 Cassava Leaf Disease Classification using Supervised Contrastive Learning
536 Block-chain aided Cluster based Logistic Network for Food Supply Chain
538 RFFD: A New Rule-based Financial Fraud Detection Model
542 Infection Segmentation from COVID-19 Chest CT Scans with Dilated CBAM U-Net
543 A Smartphone Based Real-time Object Recognition System for Visually Impaired People
545 Person Identification using Bangla Voice Data via LSTM Networks
546 Genetic Algorithm(GA)-Principal Component Analysis(PCA) based Design Optimization of Bioelectrochemical System(BES) for Energy Recovery from Wastewater
548 ToothHack: An Investigation on a Bluetooth Dongle to Implement a Low-Cost and Dynamic Wireless\nControl-Signal Transmission System
549 Face Recognition-based Mass Attendance using YOLOv5 and ArcFace
552 Cross-layer Architecture for Energy Optimization of Edge Computing
553 Machine Learning Models To Identify Discriminatory Factors Of Diabetes Subtypes
554 Energy Consumption Issues of a Data Center
555 Trade-offs of Improper E-waste Recycling: An Empirical Study
557 A Hybrid Cloud System for Power-Efficient Cloud Computing
562 A Sustainable E-Waste Management System for Bangladesh
563 MRI based automated detection of Brain Tumor using sequence of DWT, PCA, SVM and PNN
567 BSDRM: A Machine Learning Based Bug Triaging Model To Recommend Developer Team