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Presentation Guildelines | MIET Template

Read Each Point Carefully

  • One of the authors must have to present the paper during the conference. The mode of MIET 2022 is hybrid, however all technical sessions will be held on NSTU campus. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the presence of at least one author during the presentation. Without extreme cases, we are not allowed online presentations.

  • Authors should prepare MS power point presentations. But naming conversion is very important. The file names must have following name conventions. File names of power point slides: Paper ID_Presenter Full Name.pptx

  • All authors need to stay at the presentation room untill the end of the session. We shall distribute certificates to the authors at the end of the corresponding session.

  • Time allocation for each paper is 15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for question answering). Authors should strictly follow the time frame for the presentation.

  • While preparing presentation slides we request you to follow the following guidelines:

    • a. Introduction: 1 slide (Presentation time: 30 sec)
    • b. Problem Statement: 1 slide (Presentation time: 1 min)
    • c. Related work (you can address 3-4 most significant work related to your work with their contributions, limitations and significant difference with your work): 3-4 slides (Presentation time: 1 min 30 sec)
    • d. Research Questions: 1 slide (Presentation time: 20 sec)
    • e. Objectives : 1 slide (Presentation time: 20 sec)
    • f. Outcomes and Impacts: : 1 slide (Presentation time: 20 sec)
    • g. Methodology / System Architecture: 2-4 slides (Presentation time: 3 min)
    • h. Experimental / Simulation Results: 3-5 slides (Presentation time: 2 min)
    • i. Conclusion: 1 slide (Presentation time: 20 sec)
    • j. Future Research Direction: 1 slide (Presentation time: 20 sec)
    • k. References (Just show): 1-3 slides (Time: 15 sec)
    • l. Acknowledgement (Just show)(if anyone to acknowledge): 1 slide (Time: 5 sec)